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Susie L.

Susie L.

Chicago Regional Manager[brake]Venus Med Spa

Susie is the Director of operations for our Chicago area stores that opened in the last year.

She enjoys working with the clients and co-workers and strives to educate the Venus philosophy, the advanced techniques implemented and products that Venus has to offer. Susie also is a true walking testimonial to the services provided. œUntil I was employed by Venus, I was struggling with my appearance and how to slow down this aging process that I was trying to deal with. I look back now and add up all the time and money I spent each year to take care of my skin and my effort had little results with regard to my facial wrinkles and lines. I discovered the Venus procedures were not only affordable and easy, but amazed at how excited our clients were who received the treatments.œWhen you feel good about the way you look your confidence soars. Susie says,it's a wonderful little extra in any professional career. I truly appreciate what the Venus concept has done for me and continuously strive to make others aware of the possibilities available to them. Working for Venus is not a job for her it is an opportunity and a career that she truly enjoys.There's nothing more rewarding than being part of and giving credit to the well-trained, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner professionals at Venus who perform such outstanding work on all our clients, myself being one of them.

Susie was previously employed as an office manager, legal secretary and former employee of Bill Clarke. She spends any leisure time buying and selling antiques and unique at Americas Treasures in Geneva, IL . She also has two sons Ryan and Rusty, the youngest, who recently graduated from Brigham Young University.

We are happy to offer you Venus Med Spa in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.