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Stacy Q.

Stacy Q.

Manager, Wellington

Originally from NJ, have been in the Wellington area over 12 years now. I am married 23 years to Alan, my greatest accomplishment is being "mom" to Shane, Chelsi and Jake. Shane graduated from University of Florida and will be attending medical school. Chelsi is a sophomore at University of Florida. Jake my youngest son is a freshmen at Florida State University. I graduated from Stockton University with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.

My experiences include being the Manager of the Casino Service Department at Bally's Park Place Casino in Atlantic City, Manager of Quality Home Remodeling, and owner of Golden Seas Restaurant in Marlboro,NJ and Vice President of Gem Mortgage. I enjoy meditating, cooking and walking with my shih tsu Daisy.

I opened up Venus Med Spa in Wellington in 2011 and love the philosophy of our company. Venus Med Spa prides itself on excellent customer service and when you visit be prepared to receive a huge smile and a warm hug.

We are happy to offer you Venus Med Spa in Malls throughout the country ... the first of its’ kind.